Outlast Film Camp

Our Mission


Outlast, a synonym for survive, persevere and continue, is meant to provoke the idea and confidence in overcoming and continuing to grow from circumstances that are out of our control. When the students enroll in our camp, we want to give them additional tools to combat the issues they’re faced with on a daily basis. Outlast acts as a reminder that together, we can outlast anything and everything that is thrown our way.


At Outlast...

The goal of the camp is to give the students the tools to tell the stories that they want to tell. Every activity is centered on fostering the creativity and the confidence needed to produce the films they want to make. Our aim is to lay the foundation for the next generation of minority filmmakers, while teaching valuable skills, such as collaboration, organization and attention to detail.

Contribute to Our Mission

Donations to Outlast Film Camp goes towards

  • Renting professional production gear, including camera, sound, lighting and grip gear

  • Art supplies for set decoration, props, makeup and costumes

  • Housing and transportation for mentors and guests

  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks for campers

  • Car and Van rentals to pick up and drop off campers

  • Camp field trips 

  • Camp T-Shirts

  • Camp games, parties and activities (its not all work, there’s lot of play!)