Meet the Campers 



2 Year Outlast Film Camp Attendee/Alumni

Photo by Laura

Photo by Laura

Academic and/or Artistic Interests?:

I am currently interested in pursuing a career associated with photography or filmmaking - and participating in Outlast has definitely influenced my decision. I am also interested in writing/reading poetry, reading books, and listening to music.

What part of Outlast do you find most enjoyable?:

The part about Outlast that I find most enjoyable is the interactive activities that we do in between sessions and the passion that the mentors have for sharing their skills with the campers. What I also find most enjoyable is the positive vibes that come from the camp itself - it is honestly indescribable.

Any specific memories that stand out:

The specific memories that stand out to me is the laughing fits that I would have with fellow campers, and the friendships that I have made at camp. But I think that I will always remember the time that we were filming a scene for the “Cuddlefish” music video that required the camera to be at a low level, and someone knocked the camera over and everyone was distressed about the camera falling, and everyone was literally SCREAMING. 

Photo by Laura

Photo by Laura

What skills/knowledge do you feel you’ve gained?:

I have gained vital skills and knowledge that can be applicable to my future endeavours. I have learned about the different camera shots, how to carefully change a lense, and most importantly, how to communicate with the different departments that are on a set.

Any other thoughts:

If I had known about Outlast sooner, I would have attended longer than the two years that I have gone. But Outlast has been a serious pivotal point in my life that I am thankful for. 10/10 would recommend to any kids who are interested in working with cameras, acting, sound, and props.