This year, the Outlasters of Pine Ridge focused on creating the “Cuddlefish” music video for Lakota rapper, Mato Wayuhi. 


Stay up to date on our socials, full video drops on Indigenous Peoples Day, Oct 14th!

To prepare for making the music video, the campers first project was to

visually interpret Rita Dove’s poem “Horse and Tree”.


“Everybody who’s anybody longs to be a tree—
or ride one, hair blown to froth.
That’s why horses were invented, and saddles
tooled with singular stars.

This is why we braid their harsh manes
as if they were children, why children
might fear a carousel at first for the way
it insists that life is round. No,

we reply, there is music and then it stops;
the beautiful is always rising and falling.
We call and the children sing back one more time.
In the tree the luminous sap ascends.”


This wouldn’t have been possible without the partnership and support of Thunder Valley CDC. TVCDC PROVIDED FACILITIES, LODGING AND TRANSPORTATION TO OUTLAST FILM CAMP 2019.

Special Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors

  1. AbelCine

  2. Panavision

  3. EmmySnacks

  4. Nalgene

  5. BillyCrafty

  6. Sundance Institute Indigenous Program

  7. And everyone else who donated goods, raffle prices, food