Outlast 2017

During our 2017 program, we made the switch from teaching non-fiction documentary production to focusing on fiction narrative filmmaking.


We had 15 Students

from the various districts on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Our first couple days of camp focused on the theory behind filmmaking. We then studied cinematography, editing, sound and production/costume design.


After finalizing their scripts, the students began production on their short film. They were responsible for all of the production aspects. 


Costume Design

was an important part of their project. Kathy had to age and destroy clothing, while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic suitable for their film.


The campers designed and dressed the scenes, set the shots and ran  the sets. The mentors encouraged independent decision making to foster confidence in their new found skills. 



was also integral to their film. Our camper, Beau, is a talented makeup artist who taught his peers and the mentors about cinematic makeup.

After a week of hard work, the students filmed and edited their short film

"The Cure"