Outlast Film Camp

Our Mission:

Listen. Amplify.

Placing cameras in the hands of children and teens to empower them to tell their own stories.



is a volunteer based camp that teaches filmmaking skills from pre-production through post. We service students who don’t have the opportunities to engage in art and cinema on a daily basis, and as a result, often have their stories, and the stories of their people, told for them. During camp, students will learn the the basics of cinematography, directing, editing and sound and use the skills to create a short film from start   to finish on a story and subject of their choosing. 


Our Program

Outlast brings together working filmmakers and artists and young people from various communities who don't have the opportunity to engage with art and cinema on a regular basis. We focus on empowering the voices of minority and disadvantaged youth by teaching them technical skills that they can use to create and tell their own stories. During the camp week, the students learn about Cinematography, Directing, Writing, Editing, Sound and Production Design. We do so using a combination of hands on activities and classroom lessons. 


October 2017

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