Outlast Film Camp

Our Mission:

Listen. Amplify.

Placing cameras in the hands of culturally and ethnically diverse children and teens to empower them to tell their own stories.



is a volunteer based initiative that teaches filmmaking skills from pre through post production. We serve students who often do not have the opportunity to engage in the creation of art and cinema, and as a result, are not given the opportunity to create self reflecting narratives. During camp, students will learn the basics of cinematography, directing, editing, sound and art. They will be introduced to a diverse range of filmmakers and cinematic styles, as well as write, direct, shoot, and edit a short project.


Our Program

The goal of Outlast Film Camp is to give the students necessary tools to depict stories that share their view of the world. Every activity is centered on fostering the creativity and confidence needed to produce films that empower students to craft their own narratives. Our aim is to lay the foundation for the next generation of culturally and ethnically diverse filmmakers by teaching a nuanced set of skills, including but not limited to collaboration, organization, and attention to detail


Laterrian officer-mcintosh - Director/founder

LaTerrian is a graduate of The University of Southern California's Film and Television Production program. Since graduating, LT has worked in the camera department on various film productions, including Spiderman: Homecoming, Black Panther, Transformers: Bumblebee and HBO's True Detective Season 3. She's pursuing a career in cinematography / documentary filmmaking but also has a passion for non-profit management and community service. 

In her free time, LT enjoys traveling, having been to Japan, Thailand, Morocco, England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, France, The Netherlands and Portugal. She's also a musician and has played violin since 5th grade. 


Shelby treichler - Co-Director

Shelby grew up in Lexington, NC with a big family, lots of pets and lots of land to roam. In 2007, she moved to Wilmington, NC to study film at UNC-Wilmington where she graduated with an degree in film and theatre. She's been working in narrative film and tv since then, first in Wilmington and then in Atlanta. Shelby started in Art Department and then moved to Props Department. 
Though she loves crafting fiction she's been wanting to make a move to documentary for some time. This desired move has been partially inspired by her travels. In the past 5 years she's taken a month long train trip around the US, spent time hiking in Colorado, Utah and California, traveled to Ireland, Peru and just spent a month trekking in Nepal.