Outlast Film Camp

Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders



Outlast is a volunteer based initiative that teaches filmmaking skills from pre- through post-production. We serve students who often do not have the opportunity to engage in the creation of art and cinema, and as a result, are not given the opportunity to create self-reflecting narratives. During camp, students learn the basics of cinematography, directing, editing, sound and art. They are introduced to a diverse range of filmmakers and cinematic styles, and then write, direct, shoot, and edit a short project.


The goal of Outlast Film Camp is to give the students the necessary tools to depict stories that share their view of the world. Every activity is centered on fostering the creativity and confidence needed to produce films that empower students to craft their own narratives. Our aim is to lay the foundation for the next generation of culturally and ethnically diverse filmmakers by teaching a nuanced set of skills, including but not limited to collaboration, organization, and attention to detail.